Why Ground Zero Mosque is Wrong

Am I the only one who seems to miss the point of this? I am not only surprised but shocked at how the responsible authorities in New York could in their right frame of mind approve such a project. It makes me wonder, what exactly were they thinking, or more importantly what were they smoking?

This is wrong on many levels and those who suggested such a proposal should be ashamed of themselves as well. The so-called moderate Muslims can go about ranting that what happened on September 11, 2001 has nothing to do with Islam and that it was carried out by a very few misguided people but it would perhaps never change the fact that those who flew the planes into Twin Towers were indeed ‘misguided’ by the teachings of Islam. Besides being insensitive to those who suffered in the attack and the city of New York there are several other implications as well.

As much as I detest the fanatical elements of Islam, I have equal repugnance for those who label themselves as ‘moderates’. Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Cordoba Initiative says that people have been complaining about the lack of moderate voices of Islam and suggests that this mosque and community center will represent that voice. However, these apologists have picked a wrong place to raise the pulpit. Even for a person like me who has never visited the city of New York, any image of the Manhattan skyline brings back the nightmarish images of that fateful day. Instead of raising a monument for the memory of those innocent victims and brave firefighters who perished, the memory of Twin Tower will be putrefied by a multimillion dollar structure paying homage to a bigoted ideology.

Even if we overlook the lack of political correctness, there are still other implications which are slightly graver. It is beyond any doubt that countries like Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan are havens for nurturing jihadist, however, in some cases the inoculation of militants has taken place in countries like USA and UK. Names like Collen LaRose (aka Jihad Jane), Michael Finton and recently arrested Faisal Shahzad most probably received their first taste of jihadist doctrine on American soil. This Islamic center in the heart of New York, like several other Islamic centers around the world will also receive donations from other Islamic countries, most notably Saudi Arabia which follows the most orthodox brand of Islam. And it is a matter of simple economics that once the money starts pouring in, it also sets the direction of organizational goals.

Quite ironically the project has been named Cordoba, after a city which marked the zenith of Muslim empire and their jewel in the crown. Legend has it, that when they were driven out of Spain, the Arabs in shame untied their turbans which to this day they let hanging loose over their heads. It should not come as a surprise that once the mosque is opened in fall of 2011, there will be celebrations in various part of the world to rejoice the victory of Islam in the US of A. Almost 10 years ago the horrific events that took place in the same spot did send a proverbial ‘Mexican wave’ in most part of the Islamic world and next year the same emotions will be displayed in those very geographical locations.


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