Judgment day for Pakistani militant

Today the lone surviving terrorist, Ajmal Kasab, of the Mumbai terror attack of 2008 has been found guilty of murder and waging war against India. In November 2008, he along with 9 other Pakistanis crossed border into India and unleashed reign of terror and mayhem which left 166 people dead and many other injured. The trial even in the presence of strong forensic evidence and CCTV footage of the culprit, took over a year to complete and now Kasab waits on death row. If he is executed this will be first execution since 2004 in India.

Mohammed Ajmal Kasab

This whole episode took several twists and turns in which first Pakistan denied that the terrorists were its citizens (which was later proved and publicly accepted by Pakistani authorities) and many in Pakistan including government, media pundits and its citizens continued to rant that it is a plot set by Indians themselves to defame Pakistan and Islam (when have I not heard this lame response). Ajmal Kasab himself changed his own statements a couple of times first pleading guilty, then not guilty and then finally again reverting back to his original statement.

The trial was an important one for India since the emotions were high amongst its citizens regarding this issue and also for political reasons. And what is important is the fact that despite harboring sentiments of vendetta the legal process was followed. Tax payers’ money was spent in keeping this criminal safe from mobs who would have wanted to lynch him for murdering their loved ones. There are still those who are recovering from the aftermath of those events and then there are those who will never be able to recover from this incident. In the end, sanity and justice prevailed over anger and sentiments. And this is the process that is supposed to differentiate us from the barbarians.

Note: Even though, India has its own share of shameful acts towards religious minorities, lower order Hindu castes and women, mainly by right wing Hindu extremists, the above post is only meant to highlight the positive and mature approach in these events.


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