Tans Banned in Iran

After warning its citizens of ‘immodestly’ dressed women, Iran has now raised its security threat level and has now included suntan into the ‘axis of evil’. The authorities have announced today in a statement that it is well aware of the ‘dangers’ its citizens face from ‘evil’ bronzed women.

Like most religions, Islam too has fashioned various taboos surrounding women. They are the main scapegoat in most of the things that are wrong in the society. Even when they are clearly the victims, such as in crimes like rape, they are held responsible for they were either not following the word of god or they must have provoked the criminal by dressing ‘provocatively’. Such reckless reasons abound primarily because there is a decent majority of those individuals who are more than ready to avoid responsibility. The status quo works in the favor of this group, which includes the clerics and politicians, who together form the ruling elite of most Islamic countries.

From the ‘fall of man’ to the world’s most devastating natural calamities the blame is casually thrown to the women folk. Labeled as weak and inferior through decades of indoctrination and sidelined from main stream due to lack of access to proper education it is no surprise that they remain economically dependent on men around them.

This suppression of women works in the favor of ‘Big Brother’ at different levels. Firstly it keeps almost half of the population economically dependent on the other half. Secondly the men in most cases remain paranoid about what ‘conspiracy’ women might be brewing and they remain occupied in ‘controlling’ them. Thirdly, it maintains a constant fear amongst the citizens by constantly monitoring and controlling even the very personal, private and intimate details of their lives and a tool to humiliate women & also men.


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