Here comes the child bride…

Not an unusual occurrence in some parts of the world which makes this even more disturbing. A 49 year old Nigerian senator has recently ‘purchased’ his fourth wife for $ 100,000 who is allegedly is 13 years old. Ahmad Sani denies that she 13 years old and refuses to say how old his bride actually is by stating:

“If I state the age, they will still use it to smear Islam”

This statement in itself should be enough to raise concerns. Amongst the other accomplishment of this senator includes previously marrying a 15 year old girl, reintroduction of Sharia in Nigeria and failed attempt at bribing the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria. Hmmm..not a very enviable resume.

Child marriages are not a rare phenomenon in Africa, Middle East and South Asia. In most cases parents forced by poverty sell their young daughters into marriage to those who are willing to pay handsomely for it. In other cases child marriages are conducted in order to resolve tribal disputes in which they become the unwilling peacemakers and victims of abuse. This custom, though banned in Pakistan is still practiced and very few cases make it into news since most of them remain unreported.

It is indeed horrible to imagine what these young girls have to go through in an age when utmost care should be provided to them. It is shameful and disgraceful that in the period of their life when they should be carelessly playing with children of their own age, they are forced to warm the beds of monsters with their minds, spirits and bodies screaming silently to be saved.


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