Ayaan on the South Park Controversy

Here is a clip of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s interview to CNN regarding the controversy over the recent South Park episode and an article by her in the Wall Street Journal, where she defends the free speech:

One of the points she emphasized on is that threats such as the ones coming from this previously unknown group should not be taken lightly for these hardliners are probably not joking when they say that South Park creators may end up like Theo Van Gogh. This statement does indeed sound like a death threat and in my opinion should be libel for legal action. Meanwhile, another blogger has a very different opinion on this issue which can be read here. Even though, I strongly believe in freedom of expression and stand by the principle that violence cannot be justified in any scenario, especially when some fictitious belief is involved, I do tend to agree with one point made by the author of this blog that such ridicule and satire only helps the fanatics and mullahs to garner more support. But then again, it is exactly this firebrand behavior that leads to such sarcasm in the first place.

There can obviously be no compromise for freedom of speech especially when oppressive dogmas are involved and this is the strong and clear message that needs to be sent out. If some people can be offended because they harbor fictitious believes and superstitions, it should be there problem and not the worlds. The idea that others freedom can be suppressed because of fear and intimidation is an abhorrent one. And those who think that people do not deserve freedom to express their opinion should not deserve that liberty either!


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