The Worst of the Noughties

Since it is now perhaps a bit late, I would keep my take on recapping the noughties short and simple. During the last week of December various media organizations (both traditional and non-traditional) reviewed the decade with their own view point and highlighting the various aspects of the year and there was a lot to summarize.

As the Chinese would say, it was indeed an interesting time to live which was marked by chaos, turmoil and of course several events that changed the course of history (just as any other decade!). As the oft repeated adage goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture below should summarize the entire decade of ’00:

The photos of the Abu Gharib prison that appeared somewhere in the middle of the decade crudely sums up what the last ten years have been about. The reason why I have shortlisted this one is that it is perhaps the least graphic of all the other images of this episode. This was a decade of brutality where power corrupted all those who enjoyed it no matter if that power was gained through ballot of paper or barrel of a gun. Monsters fought monsters while the innocent continued to crumble and suffer. Those with authority and power continued to get away with what ever they could, whether it was the battlefield of  ‘war on terrorism’ or mahogany boardroom of Wall Street kings. Whether it was the media pundits & lobbyist fanning fear and hatred or disillusioned fanatics in dark caves & mountains planning atrocities, it was insanity winning over the judicious.

It was a decade where only the loud and fanatical war cries were heard which drowned and mellowed the voices of reason. Madness continued to prevail and sanity was ostracized for most part. This was indeed a low point in our history. Even though similar inhuman crimes have taken place in earlier decades and centuries the sad part is that we have refused to learn from past mistakes and categorically refused to rectify them. And we are even carrying this tarnished legacy into another decade.

We can only hope that a few good men and women who still have their integrity intact and conscious awake continue to raise the voice of reason and continue to support them by all means possible to make the future better and brighter.


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